A Melanoma Patient's Survival Guide: Lemons Really Do Make Lemonade: You Just Have to Add a Little Sugar

by Welsh, Sally
4 out of 5 Customer Rating
ISBN: 9780615573779

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A Melanoma Patient's Survival guide: Lemons Really Do Make Lemonade is an effort to bring awareness to the subject of melanoma. This insidious disease is being diagnosed in over 50,000 people a year in the United States alone. Melanoma will affect one in seventy-five people in California. That rate goes up each year. Melanoma can be a silent killer. This heart-warming book was written by a survivor of serious melanoma, Sally Welsh. Sally has shared her experience with thousands of people, and has prepared this book with the hope of making your journey a little easier. Her suggestions deal first of all with the questions you need to ask your doctor, before he cuts into you. You need to know about his initial scanning of you, whether he plans to use a "punch" biopsy or a "scrape" biopsy on a possible melanoma, whether he would send you for a Sentinel Node test if the melanoma was level 2 or more. Before treatment, you need to know the success rate of whatever drug is being prescribed for you. If you start on one drug and a better one is available, you may have lost the chance to be treated with the better drug. A good part of this book is devoted to using your mind, attitude, and sense of humor for your own healing. Casting out any negative thoughts that are consuming you and not listening to gloomy predictions will help you more than anything. Your mind is your best friend. Use it to help to heal yourself. The Lemonade book does not have all the answers, but it helps you to determine the questions. It is a commonsense book, but is not intended to replace medical expertise. Study, learn, and know what you are doing
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Author: Welsh, Sally
  • ISBN: 9780615573779
  • Condition: Used
  • Dimensions: 7.99 x 0.24
  • Number Of Pages: 114
  • Publication Year: 2011

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