Cultural History for Western Civilization (Revised Edition)

by Byars, Jana
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ISBN: 9781621311980

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Cultural History for Western Civilization is an anthology that supplements required textbooks and gives students a deeper understanding of history from the time of the Assyrians through the Reformation.
The collection provides the kind of insight and historical perspective that cannot be achieved through isolated reading selections alone. Each chapter features two primary source readings, followed by a piece of outstanding contemporary scholarship that provides context, encourages critical thinking, and sheds fresh light on seemingly familiar periods and events. This broadens the learning experience in the traditional western civilization course, adding shade and depth to the historical picture.
An initial brief introduction to the field of cultural history prepares students for the material that follows. The book begins with an exploration of Ancient History and an excerpt from The Assyrian Code, and ends with Early Modern Europe and an examination of Absolutism and bourgeois values. The intervening chapters cover everything from Alexander the Great to the Thirty Years' War, from Aristophanes' classic comedic play Lysistrata to Martin Luthe's Heidelberg Disputation.
Cultural History for Western Civilization is an outstanding supplement to required textbooks in general education Humanities and Western Civilization courses. The primary text will provide a chronological narrative of important events, but Cultural History for Western Civilization will be the book to stimulate intellectual development.
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  • Author: Byars, Jana
  • ISBN: 9781621311980
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  • Publication Year: 2012

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