Gods of Arcadia: Daughter of Athena

by Stehle, Andrea
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
ISBN: 9780578151649

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Eons ago the gods of Mt. Olympus ruled over the developing civilization of ancient Greece. From the heights of their mountain retreat the gods manipulated and forced mankind to their will. But one day the Olympians grew bored with the mundane world - as immortals are predisposed to do. They looked away from their children for just a moment and the Earth changed. No longer were the names Zeus, Hera, and Athena whispered with awe and terror, but forgotten until they were nothing more than myths from the dawn of time. To their regret the Olympians discovered no amount of manipulation or terror could bring mankind back into the fold, and so they were obliged to start again. Transplanting a small group of humans to the distant world of Arcadia, the gods created their own perfect Utopian society. In their self-absorbed way each Olympian reigned over a cult of followers in a personal city-state where their word was law. To promote harmony, the Great Law of the Olympians sought to suppress the volatile nature of humanity by forbidding war on Arcadia. Unfortunately, the Olympians learned nothing is ever perfect. Once every hundred years the Son of Ares is born to disturb the delicate balance of their world. Although Ardella of New Athens was the chosen of Athena, blessed with the gift of empathy, she was young and na ve. She made the ultimate mistake - she allowed the Son of Ares to manipulate her and escape. Almost a decade later, the Daughter of Athena is still battling the chaos caused by that moment of weakness, when her brother is captured by the enemy. To save her twin, Ardella travels to Metropolis, the fortress at the heart of the Son of Ares' empire, and offers herself in exchange. Exiled in a strange new city, the Daughter of Athena soon learns that the enemy she had come to know reading reports in her Tower in New Athens is not the same as the one she now faces in the thriving, very human culture of Metropolis. Bewildered by her growing admiration for the Son of Ares, Ardella must not only save her brother, but decide if she stands with or against the Gods of Arcadia.
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Author: Stehle, Andrea
  • ISBN: 9780578151649
  • Condition: Used
  • Dimensions: 9.00 x 0.70
  • Number Of Pages: 312
  • Publication Year: 2014

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