Happy in Spite of People

by Castro, Ellen
4 out of 5 Customer Rating
ISBN: 9780986349904

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In today's challenging times, Happy in Spite of People, is the crucial missing "peace" that nourishes your mind, heart and spirit. This uplifting, liberating and relevant parable provides an innovative and pragmatic approach to dealing with people at work and in life where 12 complex human personas and personalities are represented as cats. You will laugh while you learn and be energized with refreshing insights, proven techniques and timeless truths for having healthier relationships. Break through personal roadblocks, take charge of your choices and communications, and achieve better results and more success Happy in Spite of People makes people skills simple and fun for everyone Gain a glimpse into the human psyche to see beyond the appearances to the truth. Everyone is on your team for greatness - no exceptions. REJUVENATE your soul by putting the fun back into dys-fun-ction and LIVE your greatest and most fulfilling life now You are meant for greatness Everyone is in the people business Emotional intelligence (EI) is gaining momentum as the critical success factor for organizations and business people where job competence and experience no longer suffice. According to Daniel Goleman, EI accounts for up to 69 percent of job performance. Applied emotional intelligence - people genius - builds trust in oneself, in others and in life. Through my experiences as a global executive coach and trusted consultant across 17 industries, I have found that trust is the factor that ultimately determines our competitive advantage, our success and our well-being. Happy in Spite of People takes EI from a mental and intellectual theory to a practical, personally relevant and authentic approach to people and life through light-hearted storytelling and humor providing giggles, laughter and refreshing insights that refuel and energize the time-starved, stretched, stressed, depleted or weary. The cats deliver life messages, the struggles and tensions of interpersonal relationships. The parable is depersonalized as you see the cats acting out in your everyday life. Happy in Spite of People alleviates the "mystery" of identifying various personalities and how to adjust to their style thus optimizing interactions and creating heartfelt connections by providing insightful practical, concise tips and actions while eliciting self-understanding and self-acceptance. Happy in Spite of People is easy to understand and is a real-world blueprint for dealing with all the "cats" in your life and a life-changing solution for living as courageously as only you can. You were created on purpose for a purpose Unwind, reflect, learn, smile and ignite your relationships while gaining a greater sense of significance, meaning, self-confidence and true success. You are meant for greatness
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Author: Castro, Ellen
  • ISBN: 9780986349904
  • Condition: Used
  • Dimensions: 9.02 x 0.30
  • Number Of Pages: 138
  • Publication Year: 2015

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