American Armored Fighting Vehicles

by Bradford, George
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ISBN: 9780811733403
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Technical artist and military historian George Bradford has been producing detailed drawings of armored fighting vehicles for over thirty years. Based on meticulous research of actual vehicles, official photographs, factory specifications, and, in some cases, the original design plans, each drawing is rendered with great precision--and in exact scale--offering military enthusiasts and modelers an essential reference on these steel chariots of war.Filled with fine-scale drawings of America's tanks and other armored vehicles during the entire course of World War II. M2 HalftrackM3 Lee/Grant TankM3A3 Stuart TankM4 Sherman TankStaghound Armored CarLVT Amphibious TankAnd dozens more . . .
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Author: Bradford, George
  • ISBN: 9780811733403
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  • Dimensions: 10.98 x 0.24
  • Number Of Pages: 95
  • Publication Year: 2007

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