Charlotte's Rules for Nurses: A Centennial Celebration

by Angelo, Lois
4.6 out of 5 Customer Rating
ISBN: 9781511694568

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Charlotte's Rules for Nurses, a concise, reorganized version of Aikens' Studies in Ethics for Nurses, retains basic nursing concepts and the strong emphasis on how ethics affect patient care. Chapters, pages and paragraphs have been deleted from the original textbook. However, no additional words have been added. Every word belongs to Charlotte Aikens. Contemporary, dynamic issues are included, such as patient confidentiality, professional boundaries, anger in nursing, mind-body relationships, bullying, nurses' health, personal finances, and even cognitive behavioral approaches are touched on. Students at every level of education will enjoy and benefit from Aikens' wisdom and passion for nursing in "Charlotte's Rules for Nurses." It can enhance introductory courses, later applied to clinical experiences in various specialty and leadership courses, and continue as an resource for personal growth in nursing. Miss Aikens is refreshingly direct, and never hesitant about addressing her concerns and even disappointments with some student and nursing behaviors, both professional and personal. Strategies for improvement are presented, always with the patient's needs as top priority. "Worry saps vitality more than any other cause The most important thing for a nurse to bring with her to school is a good conscience Throughout a nurse's career, the patient's welfare should never be placed in the background of her thoughts or plans Sunshine increases our power to resist disease, quiets irritated nerves, and keeps us sweet tempered Nurses are not all as wise in the investment of their hard-earned money as they should be Self control keeps you from fighting, and keeps you from peace when fighting is needed It is necessary that an effort be made to look beneath the surface and appreciate the spirit which was behind a failure The most severe tests of character often come in the doing of routine duties A stony manner so frequently used in portraying nurse characters is unfortunately not entirely an imaginary quality The finest ambition is that which leads a nurse to overcome obstacles and difficulties, rather than to outreach competitors Every nurse has a physical, mental, spiritual and social side, all needing care and cultivation Would we be a little more kind, if we could see each patient in his own setting, surrounded by the people and things that make up his life? A system of semi-military discipline prevails in the hospital. The nurse is expected to observe orders, whatever her personal feelings toward the individual may be The nurse's duty to herself should never be overlooked"
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Author: Angelo, Lois
  • ISBN: 9781511694568
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  • Publication Year: 2015

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