City Slicker's Guide to Country Living

by Condon, Becky
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ISBN: 9781478797265

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Neighbors: Persons living in proximity to other persons. Everyone has neighbors. Neighbors-From-Hell: Neighbors who are not nice. Have you ever had Neighbors-From-Hell? Neighbors are an obvious arrangement in cities or towns. Good or bad, tidy or messy, quiet or noisy, nice or mean; there are all types. City slickers moving to the country invoke the image of space and solitude, but there will still be neighbors. The space between domiciles might be larger, but a bad, messy, or noisome neighbor can still exist. Even with a country home's space and larger area, there can still be neighbors that won't contain themselves to their own area. Once upon a time there was a young family who had a dream of owning land and operating a farm. They became land owners and cattle ranchers, building their very own dream house on their very own patch of paradise. They worked hard to assimilate to this new lifestyle in a new neighborhood. It was everything they'd hoped for, and they were so happy. Then they got neighbors. They got Neighbors-From-Hell. These bad neighbors were pushy, arrogant, and mean. Their bad attitudes, slovenly habits, and meanness aside, the neighbors would not contain themselves to their own area. They encroached. They took what was not theirs. They forced themselves into the space and lives of our heroes. These neighbors meant to build their house on their property next door to our little family. The neighbors' property had some unfortunate attributes, however, and it became clear that their property wasn't very conducive to building a home. Astonishingly, these neighbors insisted on utilizing portions of property they didn't own to construct their project. There were other solutions to the construction dilemmas these neighbors faced, but these answers would have been costly. They wanted to use our little family's land for free. They wanted to steal the property and property rights of our little family. These Neighbors-From-Hell came on over b
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Author: Condon, Becky
  • ISBN: 9781478797265
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  • Dimensions: 9.21 x 1.78
  • Number Of Pages: 900
  • Publication Year: 2018

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