Dave Barry Turns 50

by Barry, Dave
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ISBN: 9780345431691
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From the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist comes a celebration of the aging process. Not just Dave's, but that of the whole Baby Boom Generation--those millions of us who set a standard for whining self-absorption that will never be equaled, and who gave birth to such stunning accomplishments as Saturday Night Live , the New Age movement, and call waiting. Here Dave pinpoints the glaring signs that you've passed the half-century mark:

- You are suddenly unable to read anything written in letters smaller than Marlon Brando.
- You have accepted the fact that you can't possibly be hip. You don't even know if "hip" is the right word for hip anymore, and you don't care.
- You remember nuclear-attack drills at school wherein you practiced protecting yourself by crouching under your desk, which was apparently made out of some kind of atomic-bomb-proof wood.
- You can't name the secretary of defense, but you can still sing the Mister Clean song.

So pop open a can of Geritol(R), kick back in that recliner, grab those reading glasses, and let the good times roll--before they roll right over you

  • Format: TradePaperback
  • Author: Barry, Dave
  • ISBN: 9780345431691
  • Condition: Used
  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 0.48
  • Number Of Pages: 224
  • Publication Year: 1999

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