Have a Complete Life Now: Live From Your Inner Power

by Imprescia, Richard
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ISBN: 9781466495333

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This book is a collection of powerful, life-enriching lessons that deal with the kinds of challenges we all encounter. The lessons are not intended to be read in any particular order but, rather, in a random manner, as guides for contemplation. The ideas presented are not new. They come to us from the enlightenment traditions of the world, including modern science. The Basis of the Ideas Are in the Following Premises - The Universe is whole. There is one Thing out of which every other thing issued forth into expression. This Thing is called by various names: God, Yahweh, Brahma, the Infinite, the All In All, etc. Every part is contained in the whole, and the whole in every part. Therefore, each of us is a part of that One Thing. We may think of this System as the Universal Hologram. - Each part, element or component of the universe is integrally connected to all others. Nothing occurs that may not influence everything else. - What the Universe is at the infinite level, each of us is at the finite level. This is what it means to be made in the Image of God. - The Universe is a resonant system in which there exists an intrinsic harmony and balance. Despite the appearance of localized discord, the system is always inclined to express this harmony and balance. Because this is the nature of the Universe, it must be the nature of every individual. - There is a unique pattern to everyone's existence and it is the primary task of each to discover and fulfill that life-pattern. - What we think about, focus on, and emphasize is reflected in our experience of life. Therefore we can change our lives by changing our thinking. Support from Science and Philosophy - A hologram is an image recorded on a sensitive glass plate using a particular arrangement of laser beams. If the plate is broken, each fragment contains the complete image recorded on the whole. (Timothy Ferris, The Whole Shebang, chapter on "Quantum Weirdness," Simon & Schuster, 1985) - " Application of quantum concepts implies] that the world acts more like a single indivisible unit, in which even the 'intrinsic' nature of each part depends to some degree on its relationship to its surroundings." (David Bohm, Quantum Theory, page iii - iv, Prentice-Hall, 1951) - "In the beginning was the Word the divine, creative impulse], and the Word was with God and the Word was God...All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. " (The New Testament, John 1: 1, 3) - "It is better to fulfill one's own law of life, even though imperfectly carried out, than to try to fulfill the life-pattern of another and succeed in the attempt." (The Bhagavad-Gita, A Commentary by Roy Eugene Davis, CSA Press, 1968) - "Every person is an incarnation of God, but no two are exactly alike.... God is doing something different in each one of us... Each of us is what we are because that is what God is in us." (Ernest Holmes, Good For You, page 16, Science of Mind Publications, 1987) - "A man is what he thinks about all day long." (Ralph Waldo Emerson) - "The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it." (Marcus Aurelius) - "The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be." (William James) Spiritual Disciplines Throughout this series of lessons, you are provided with powerful affirmations to help you to stay focused on spiritual principles. In other places I suggest you focus your attention through prayer and meditation. If you have not yet developed a discipline in such techniques, there is included, as an appendix to the book, a brief description of Spiritual Practices. These may aid you in establishing a routine, which may be helpful in embodying the principles presented above and referred to throughout the lessons.
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Author: Imprescia, Richard
  • ISBN: 9781466495333
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  • Dimensions: 8.50 x 0.35
  • Number Of Pages: 152
  • Publication Year: 2011

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