K-Pop Revolution

by Lee, Stephan
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
ISBN: 9781338751130
Used - Trade Paperback - 9781338751130


She thought that debuting in a K-Pop band was the finsh line, but it was only the beginning. Because now it's not only Candace's company judging her--it's the entire world. How will she find the courage to stand by her beliefs, even when powerful forces are trying to shame and silence her...

Now that Candace is a star, her life is suddenly filled with glamour. She's known everywhere; she has adoring fans who worship her and her boyfriend, YoungBae; and she has unlimited access to her label-mates SLK, who happen to be the top boy band in the world.

Even more important, her company, S.A.Y., tells her they've heard her message of change loud and clear. They promise to make sweeping changes to become a more humane and compassionate place for artists.

But the road to a record-breaking debut isn't going to be smooth. The schedule is even more grueling; the pressure is immense, and there's unexpected competition from a rival girl group that's become the latest viral sensation -- not to mention constant bullying and false rumors online.

When increasingly-virulent online scandals threaten the future of YAS-Q -- and it becomes painfully clear that S.A.Y. is as manipulative as ever -- Candace realizes it's not enough to use her voice alone. It's time to join forces and take action.

It's time for a K-Pop revolution.

  • Format: TradePaperback
  • Author: Lee, Stephan
  • ISBN: 9781338751130
  • Condition: Used
  • Number Of Pages: 368
  • Publication Year: 2022
Language: English

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