Lessons from Jessica: Ultimate Caregiving: A Longtime Caregiver's Inspirational Guide to Understanding and Ultimately Succeeding at Caregivi

by Walker, James
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ISBN: 9781944080006

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A Longtime Caregiver's Inspirational Guide to Understanding and Ultimately Succeeding at Caregiving.

James Walker is not only Jessica's Dad and an award winning author and designer, but along with his wife Ren e, has been Jessica's 24/7 caregiver for nearly 40 years.

In this book he follows up on his first book, 'Growing Up with Jessica: A True Story: Blessed by the Unexpected Parenting of a Special Needs Child.' by carefully recounting the lessons learned and truths revealed, throughout their caregiving experiences.

..".after many years of 24/7 caregiving for our youngest daughter Jessica,
the scales finally fell off of our eyes and we beheld
the privilege we had been given as caregivers
of another human soul. And finally we began embracing
the joys and blessings of being'Ultimate Caregivers."

James Walker

Practical Guidance to Find the Path.

Walker suggests practical ways to acquire the commitment, endurance, and unselfish love needed to become what he describes as an 'ultimate caregiver.' Other topics include, the importance of friendships, personal character development, confidence, the miracle of hope, understanding patience, finding blessings, amazing joy and faith, understanding helplessness, the worth of the human soul, and the privilege of caregiving, all of which adds up to the 'ultimate caregiving' experience.

Proven Universal Principles

Jessica's Dad, weaves into his narrative insights from the lives of Viktor Frankel, Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer, Ann Sullivan, Helen Keller, Josh McDowell & Jesus Christ, along with his own practical life experiences. Also included are simple and practical ways to offer support and encouragement, and study and review questions. Any one reading this book will be encouraged and inspired by the Walker's down to earth and practical experience as an 'ultimate caregivers.'

Based on true experience not theory.

  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Author: Walker, James
  • ISBN: 9781944080006
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  • Dimensions: 8.50 x 0.42
  • Number Of Pages: 196
  • Publication Year: 2015

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