Leucocytes: Methods and Protocols

by Ashman, Robert B.
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ISBN: 9781617795268

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1. ENU Based Phenotype Driven Screening

Vera M. Ripoll, Philip L. Kong, and Paul K. Potter

2. Detection and Quantification of Cytokines and Other Biomarkers

Evan L. Chiswick, Elizabeth Duffy, Brian Japp and Daniel Remick

3. Flow Cystometry Analysis of Cell Cycling and Proliferation in Mouse Hematopoetic Stem and Progenitor Cells

Valérie Barbier, Bianca Nowlan, Jean-Pierre Lévesque and Ingrid G. Winkler

4. Flow Cytometry Measurement of Bone Marrow Perfusion in the Mouse and Sorting of Progenitors and Stems Cells According to Position Relative to Blood Flow in Vivo

Valérie Barbier, Ingrid G. Winkler, Robert Wadley and Jean-Pierre Lévesque

5. Analyzing Cell Death Events in Cultured Leukocytes

Karin Christenson, Fredrik B. Thorén and Johan Bylund

6. Towards a Four-Dimensional View of Neutrophils

Ben A. Croker, Andrew W. Roberts and Nicos A. Nicola

7. Isolation of Human and Mouse Neutrophils Ex vivo and In vitro

Yan Hu

8. Measurement of Oxidative Burst in Neutrophils

Yu Chen and Wolfgang G. Junger

9. Measurement of Neutrophil Elastase, Proteinase 3 and Cathepsin G Activities using Intramolecularly Quenched Fluorogenic SubstratesBrice Korkmaz, Sylvie Attucci, Christophe Epinette, Elodie Pitois, Marie-Lise Jourdan, Luiz Juliano and Francis Gauthier

10. The Macrophage

C.P. Verschoor, A. Puchta and D.M.E. Bowdish

11. Generation and Characterization of MacGreen Mice, the Cfs1r-EGFP Transgenic Mice

R. Tedjo Sasmono and Elizabeth Williams

12. Generation of Mouse Bone Marrow-derived Macrophages

Silvia Manzanero

13. Isolation and Differentiation of Monocytes-macrophages from Human Blood

Dipti Vijayan

14. In Vitro Measurement of Phagocytosis and Killing of Cryptococcus neoformans by Macrophages

André Moraes Nicola and Arturo Casadevall

15. Measuring the Inflammasome

Olaf Gro

16. Arginine and Macrophage Activation

Mònica Comalada, Andree Yeramian, Manuel Modolell, Jorge Lloberas and Antonio Celada

17.Immunodetection of Granzyme B Tissue Distribution and Cellular Localisation

Catherina H. Bird, Corrine Hitchen, Mark Prescott, Ian Harper and Phillip I. Bird

18. Detection of Human and Mouse Granzyme B Activity in Cell Extracts

Sarah Elizabeth Stewart, Matthew Stephen James Mangan, Phillip Ian Bird and Dion Kaiserman

19. T cell Transfer Model of Colitis: A Great Tool to Assess the Contribution of T cells in Chronic Intestinal Inflammation

Rajaraman Eri, Michael A. McGuckin and Robert Wadley

20. Measurement of Nitrite in Urine by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Dimitrios Tsikas, Maria-Theresia Suchy, Anja, Bibiana Beckmann and Frank-Mathias Gutzki

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