Mindreader: Find Out What People Really Think, What They Really Want, and Who They Really Are

by Lieberman, David J.
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ISBN: 9780593236185
Used - Hardcover - 9780593236185


Tired of guessing what people are really thinking? Using insights from the new science of psycholinguistics, New York Times bestselling author and a longtime consultant to the FBI, CIA, and NSA will help you read people in every situation--in person, on a screen, or in writing.

What did your boss really mean in that email? Is your mechanic stretching the truth? And what does word choice reveal on the psychologist's couch? Whether you're engaged in a casual conversation or a high-stakes negotiation, it's critical to understand the subtext of a situation. But with so much interaction happening on screens--via email, texts, or video chat--we are losing the ability to interpret expressions and cues. Furthermore, since many are now savvy about body language, it's become even harder to discern someone's true thoughts or intentions.

The leading lie-detection instructor to the FBI and other security agencies, psychologist David Lieberman, PhD, takes "people reading" to a whole new level. Drawing on the latest research in psycholinguistics--the cues embedded in spoken and written speech--Mindreader delivers cutting-edge methods useful for countless real life applications, including:
- Detect the messaging behind passive language, personal or impersonal descriptions, and level of detail.
- Determine whether someone's account of any incident is the truth or a work of fiction.
- Find out whether a potential hire, a dating app match, or new babysitter is trustworthy or hiding something.

Nobody wants to be played a fool. Mindreader will save us time, energy, and heartache by identifying who can be trusted, and who is out to get us.

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Author: Lieberman, David J.
  • ISBN: 9780593236185
  • Condition: Used
  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 0.69
  • Number Of Pages: 272
  • Publication Year: 2022
Language: English

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