HPB West Madison

626 S Whitney Way
Madison, WI 53711


(608) 273-1140


Monday 10 AM -8 PM

Tuesday 10 AM -8 PM

Wednesday 10 AM -8 PM

Thursday 10 AM -8 PM

Friday 10 AM -8 PM

Saturday 10 AM -8 PM

Sunday 10 AM -8 PM

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HPB West Madison Manager

HPB West Madison Manager

"I love books, music, movies, board games, LEGO, and the odd and the unusual, so it is probably no surprise that I found myself drawn to working at Half Price Books years ago. I love the camaraderie that builds from people getting together and sharing their passions as well as the journey it spawns when you find some new treasure to behold. Come visit! We would love to help you find a treasure of your very own!"

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