HPB Anderson Mill

13492 US Hwy 183 N
Austin, TX 78750


(512) 335-5759


Monday 10 AM -8 PM

Tuesday 10 AM -8 PM

Wednesday 10 AM -8 PM

Thursday 10 AM -8 PM

Friday 10 AM -8 PM

Saturday 10 AM -8 PM

Sunday 10 AM -8 PM

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HPB Anderson Mill Manager

HPB Anderson Mill Manager

"I'm a mom, pet wrangler, bookseller, and Girl Scout troop leader. In the 15+ years I've been with HPB, my favorite thing is still simply helping people find books - books they wanted and books they never knew they wanted! Our team will do our best to help the customer find what they're looking for and we have an amazing mix of knowledge to share. We pride ourselves on welcoming all who enter here so please come see us!"

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Pardon the Construction

The road by your HPB Anderson Mill shopping plaza is getting a makeover and in the meantime, we want to make sure our booklovers know the best ways to get to the store: From S-bound 183: take the exit for Lake Creek Pkwy/Anderson Mill Rd. Move over one lane to the right to go straight through the first light.  Travel about 1 mile on the feeder and turn left into the shopping plaza immediately after the VCA Animal Hospital. From E-bound Anderson Mill Rd: turn Left into the shopping plaza after the Cook-Walden Funeral Home (directly across from Moonies Burger) and just before the divided median starts. From N-bound 183: take the exit for Anderson Mill, turn left onto Anderson Mill, turn right into the shopping plaza about 100 ‘ from the intersection. From W-bound Anderson Mill: cross under 183, turn right into the shopping plaza about 100’ from the intersection.

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