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ISBN: 9780446550123
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More amazing than any work of fiction, yet true in every word, it swept to the top of the bestseller lists and riveted the consciousness of the world. As an Emmy Award-winning film starring Sally Field, it captured the home screens of an entire nation and has endured as the most electrifying TV movie ever made. It's the story of a survivor of terrifying childhood abuse, victim of sudden and mystifying blackouts, and the first case of multiple personality ever to be psychoanalyzed.

You're about to meet Sybil-and the sixteen selves to whom she played host, both women and men, each with a different personality, speech pattern, and even personal appearance. You'll experience the strangeness and fascination of one woman's rare affliction-and travel with her on her long, ultimately triumphant journey back to wholeness.
  • Format: MassMarketPaperback
  • Author: Schreiber, Flora Rheta
  • ISBN: 9780446550123
  • Condition: Used
  • Dimensions: 7.50 x 1.20
  • Number Of Pages: 512
  • Publication Year: 2009

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