The Destiny of the Species

by Stellman, Jason J.
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ISBN: 9781620324721

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Description: Have you ever wondered why there seems to be a built-in dissatisfaction attached to all human endeavor, such that no amount of wealth, pleasure, or success can free us from the nagging suspicion that there simply must be more to life than what we see around us? Whether displayed in film, art, popular music, or in the depths of our own hearts, human frustration with the status quo is inescapable. Perhaps the reason for this is the fact that God has hardwired us for heaven and instilled within our souls a longing for eternal life that no earthly spoils can satisfy? Perhaps it is our future that defines us, rather than our past? Perhaps it is not the origin, but the destiny of the species that truly unlocks the mystery of who we really are? It is these and many other questions that Jason Stellman explores in these pages in a way that is simple, provocative, and culturally engaging. If you've ever stopped to ponder the mystery of who we are and why we're here, this book is a must-read. Endorsements: ""As divine image-bearers, we are hardwired for eternal joy, not just temporal pleasure. This is Jason Stellman's liberating message in The Destiny of the Species. Drawing upon a wealth of biblical insight, with plenty of profound and good-humored engagement with popular culture, media, music, and film, Stellman makes a compelling and winsome case for a heaven's-eye perspective on earth, which will encourage believers and beckon those who don't know Jesus Christ. Highly recommended."" --Scott Hahn, author of The Lamb's Supper ""From St. Augustine's restless heart to Bruce Springsteen's hungry heart, the human race has always been afflicted with divine discontent. We are not and never will be at home in this world. Jason Stellman guides us through the Christian tradition to show us our heart's desire: the God who will let us settle for nothing less than himself."" - Mark P. Shea, author of The Heart of Catholic Prayer About the Contributor(s): Jason J. Stellman is a graduate of Westminster Seminary California, has served as a missionary in Africa and Europe, and is the former pastor of Exile Presbyterian Church in the Seattle area. He is the author of Dual Citizens: Worship and Life between the Already and the Not Yet (2009), and writes for Creed Code Cult (
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Author: Stellman, Jason J.
  • ISBN: 9781620324721
  • Condition: Used
  • Dimensions: 9.10 x 0.40
  • Number Of Pages: 116
  • Publication Year: 2013

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