Village China Under Socialism and Reform: A Micro-History, 1948-2008

by Li, Huaiyin
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ISBN: 9780804776578
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Village China Under Socialism and Reform offers a comprehensive account of rural life after the communist revolution, detailing villager involvement in political campaigns since the 1950s, agricultural production under the collective system, family farming and non-agricultural economy in the reform, and everyday life in the family and community. Li's rich examination draws on original documents from local agricultural collectives, newly accessible government archives, and his own fieldwork in Qin village of Jiangsu province to highlight the continuities in rural transformation. Firmly disagreeing with those who claim that recent developments in rural China represent a radical break with pre-reform sociopolitical practices and patterns of production, Li instead draws a clear history connecting the current situation to ecological, social, and institutional changes that have persisted from the collective era.
  • Format: TradePaperback
  • Author: Li, Huaiyin
  • ISBN: 9780804776578
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  • Publication Year: 2010

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