Welcome to the World of Moose

by Swanson, Diane
4.1 out of 5 Customer Rating
ISBN: 9781551108544


Welcome to the world of the massive moose The largest members of the deer family, moose are full of fascinating talents. They can swim for two hours without resting and dive deep into lakes in search of water plants. They can even eat 23 kilograms (50 pounds) of food in a single day. From the tops of their antlers to the tips of their hoofs, this book reveals all sorts of amazing moose facts.

Includes a table of contents, index, sidebars, and full of extraordinary photography throughout.

  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Author: Swanson, Diane
  • ISBN: 9781551108544
  • Condition: Used
  • Dimensions: 8.02 x 0.25
  • Number Of Pages: 32
  • Publication Year: 1999

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