An Executive's Guide to Achieving Class a Business Excellence

by Groves, Dennis
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
ISBN: 9781457519703

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Learn the answers to your most frequently asked questions on the experiences and expectations of a journey to Class A. These are based on actual discussions with thousands of executives while teaching or coaching clients on how to significantly improve financial performance and move beyond surviving to thriving.

Want more information on our Milestones? Visit for more details on Milestones mentioned in this book. Find Milestone: Capable Integrated Business Planning and learn what comprises excellence in this critical executive management business process. Milestone: Capable Planning and Control discusses important corporate strategies such as Mission, Vision, Communication, and Leadership that must be in place to ensure true process integration.

Advanced praise for The Executive's Guide to Achieving Class A Business Excellence:

..".I helped lead a major culture change in one of Cat's larger divisions. ...we were made aware of the tremendous cost driven by our lack of attention to the many details of our processes and our inability to manage them. We...learned the disciplines necessary to give attention to what really counts - doing things right and doing them on time. This book answers the basic questions regarding the Class A journey we took."

James Despaine, Caterpillar Inc.

This "Executive Guide" is a realistic, no-nonsense summary of what executives face and must overcome to improve their business. Too often companies get bogged down in the process of process improvement. As this guide clearly demonstrates, Oliver Wight experts have learned and know how to keep the financials and improved business outcomes as the driving force in their capability improvement work.

Richard Burns, former global product supply director, 
Procter and Gamble, NA Class A Implementation Leader

Working with Oliver Wight has really helped us move the business forward. As a business, we have achieved lots of improved business metrics, especially around the normal financial processes. The most important parts for me is that the knowledge of our people has improved immensely, and we function a lot better as a team; we have an integrated and balanced approach to delivering our business metrics, goals, and vision. This book will provide a "snapshot" of the steps you need to take to experience the success we have been able to achieve and will answer any questions you may have prior to your journey.

Stephen Smith, Supply Chain & Operations Director, British Gypsum

Achieving Class A Business Excellence; An Executive's Perspective - Groves, Herbert, Correll

Observe how a company followed the Proven Path on a journey to business excellence - from creating a vision to transforming its business processes in support of achieving its strategic objectives and goals. Following the same path, you will outperform your competition and differentiate your company in the marketplace.

The Oliver Wight Class A Checklist for Business Excellence; Sixth Edition

The Sixth Edition of the Oliver Wight Class A Checklist for Business Excellence is used by companies worldwide to assess their business process performance. Score yourself against industry standard to measure your progress toward excellence. The standards cover: Strategic Planning, Leading People, Business Improvement, Integrated Business Planning/Sales and Operations Planning, Demand Management, and Supply Management and include process characteristics, behaviors, and performance metrics.

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  • Author: Groves, Dennis
  • ISBN: 9781457519703
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  • Number Of Pages: 100
  • Publication Year: 2013

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